Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vanishing Boat Mystery Solved

Many thanks to CalRecycle for solving the mystery of the vanishing boat!

As you may recall from my last post, "Hapi," a boat abandoned in the Bodega Bay harbor mudflats, mysteriously disappeared from last month. We couldn't figure out why nobody saw a thing, and I received this reply from CalRecycle:

Hapi was removed from the Bay in the wee hours for a very good reason! The salvage company used low tide to pump the vessel out and attach flotation and then took advantage of the high tide to help float it so it could be pulled off the mud flat. The highest tide in the window the crew had to remove the vessel occurred at 3 AM. After she was released from the mudflat, Hapi was tied up at Spud Point Marina, and deconstructed the following day. --CalRecycle


Darris said...

funny how we tend to jump to conspiracy theories first . . . good to know it was a well thought out plan and HAPI is in 'boat heaven' and her parts were used to save other boat lives . . . A BIG thank you to CalRecycle!

Kathlene said...

Yep! Thanks Darris...

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