Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bodega Bay Shines in Videos

Click link in text below.

Have you seen the videos on our visitor's center website? has two you can view by clicking here.

These impressive, professionally produced mini-travelogues feature people, places, and businesses that make our community so special here on the Sonoma coast.

I heartily agree with their opening description, "The northern California coast has long been a place of beauty and inspiration to vacationers and many consider Bodega Bay to be the crown jewel of this magnificent region." YEAH!

The other day I was talking to Bob Miller, owner of Bodega Bay Surf Shack and Bodega Bay Kayak, about the videos and we joked that they made us both think "Wow, I want to go there!" And Bob's featured in one of them, lol!


Jim Swanson said...

Kathlene -
Thanks for adding those tremendously entertaining videos of Bodega Bay. While watching both of them, I swear I could smell the fresh sea air.

Kathlene said...

So when shall we expect you to move down? :-)

Cherrie said...

I will check it out now! But I already want to come back! lol

Kathlene said...

Cherrie, I was thinking this is perfect for your virtual vacation!

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