Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tranquility Massage in Bodega Bay

At a recent community fundraiser, we were thrilled to win a gift certificate donated by Tranquility Massage. This past weekend, Certified Massage Therapist Terri Ruggiero came over and gave my husband a wonderful hand and lower arm treatment.

Terri is a delight! She's warm and friendly yet professional, and she has a calm, soothing way about her. She specializes in chair bodywork and comes to Bodega Bay on weekends to offer in-home treatments. She brought a massage chair but we didn't need it for the hand/arm treatment.

And talk about strange coincidences! Terri mentioned that her parents lived in Bodega Bay and had just put their home on the market. When I asked her where it was, it turned out to be the exact house I was writing about that very day, my favorite house is for sale. Is that synchronistic or what?

Anyway, whether you live here or you're coming to Bodega Bay and want to add a relaxing massage to your vacation activities, we highly recommend Terri. She can be reached at 916-521-5890.


Cherrie said...

What a great gift to win! Beautiful Home!

Anonymous said...

WOW...that is synchronicity...dont you just love it when that happens Kathlene? Thanks for that were meant to meet. And that house...not sure it is completely out of the picture for you yet...hmmmmmmmmmm Yep...a girl can dream.:)

Thanks for sharing
Susan Alloway
Save the Tails

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted this! It is amazing how much the body relaxes when the hands and arms are relaxed. We use them so much more than anyone knows! You only know when they have time to relax. Thanks to gifted therapists like Cherrie, we can know!


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