Friday, July 24, 2009

Another House Finch Encounter

This morning while I was meditating, I heard a thunk outside. I was afraid a bird might have crashed into the glass wall outside our deck and could be lying stunned on the ground below. When I went out to investigate, I was surprised to see a little female house finch on the floor of the deck, right next to me. She started flying around down there, crashing into the glass walls, trying to escape.

I started speaking to her softly and knelt down beside her. She calmed down and stood still, and then she let me stroke her back a few times. I told her I was going to help her, but I'd have to lift her up to the railing so she could be free. I put my hand around to lift her and she stepped onto my finger! Wow, I felt just like Snow White!

I placed her gently on the railing and fully expected her to take off. But she must have been a little stunned from all that crashing around because she stayed put, still gripping my finger with one of her claws. I stroked her back a few more times and told her to take her time and regain her composure.

By then, my husband saw what was going on and came out to take a quick shot with his camera-phone. She still didn't startle or fly away. Just cocked her head, looked at us, and blinked a few times. We stayed like that for a long time. While we were hanging out, I wondered if she was the mother of the house finch babies in the nest out on our porch. She was so light and delicate, and not quivering like other birds I've handled in the past.

Our new bird feeder was down below, surrounded by curious birds who had been eyeing this entire scene. Finally I told my little finch that she should probably go join her feathered friends and have some thistle seed for breakfast. I gently pried her claw off my finger and set it on the railing. She looked up at me, took a few hops across the railing, then flew down to a bush. She looked back once, then disappeared into another shrub and I went back inside. What a way to start the day!


Anonymous said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! You aren’t kidding!!! What an amazing experience. You put off great birdie energy sista!!! I’m absolutely thrilled you had such a wonderful experience. She might return so you might want to think of some names:)
Thanks so much for sharing – truly is a great way to start the day.

Hope the rest of your day is as magical as the morning!


Anonymous said...

wow. That's pretty cool. But I really love the way you write. I can hear and see your enthusiasm. But if you start singing "whistle while you work" I'm going to be concerned for you.
I wonder if the bird will come back to you or hang around?

Kathlene said...

Thanks for your comments Karen and Suzanne! Yeah Karen, I'll have to avoid eating any red apples today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kathlene, what a story. You are, indeed, snow white. (I always think that anyway, this just proves it.) A great story for your blog. An uplifting story -- the communication between you and the little stunned bird. How precious. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my, kathlene the bird whisperer!! very cool. glad your husband was home to take the quick photo, too, so we can see it ourselves.


Kathryn/ said...

Awww. So endearing! Lucky you (and lucky little bird!). She was probably a bit in shock, right? So sensitive of you to let her regain her composure before she had to get back to work! xoxo

Kathlene said...

Thank you Kathryn. It was very cool, we shared a moment. :)

Robin said...

I just love this story. I'm reminded of your encounter with the deer on Angel Island many moons ago. You're a regular Dr. Dolittle talking to the animals. Please come over and speak to the spiders who enter my house uninvited.

Kathlene said...

Ha, thanks Robin! Funny, I thought of that Angel Island deer encounter too, that was an incredible Dr. Dolittle moment.

Annie said...

Hi kathelene,

Waht a lovely encounter. Thanks for sharing it. I believe that animals can intuitively sense our peaceful intentions. I had a similarly magic encounter with a hummingbird in April.

be well...


Kathlene said...

What a remarkable story Annie, and I love the video clip. You did everything you possibly could for that precious little guy. Who ever knew there were vets who specialize in hummingbirds, wow!

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